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Donor Family Survey

The Alabama Organ Center has a three month and an eighteen month post-donation survey.

To complete the three month survey, please click here.

To complete the eighteen month survey, please click here.

Grief and Bereavement Online Resources

The internet has a wealth of education and support resources related to grief, bereavement and the many types of loss people experience. The following links are only a suggested beginning point to connect with those resources.


  • National Donor Family Council- Opportunities for donor families to share their stories and find support. Message boards, email discussions, pen pals and an online newsletter. www.donorfamily.org
  • Beyond Indigo- Education, resources, message boards, chat rooms and advice on all types of loss. www.beyondindigo.com
  • Grief Watch- Articles on grief and links to resources. www.griefwatch.com
  • Healing the Spirit- An online healing place for anyone grieving a loss. www.healingthespirit.org


  • Widow Net- Support for those who have loss a spouse or life partner. Message boards, chat rooms and public forums. www.widownet.org
  • AARP- Information for widows and widowers. Online discussions. www.aarp.org


  • Compassionate Friends- Education and support for bereaved parents of any age. Links to local chapter meetings and newsletter. www.compassionatefriends.org
  • The M.I.S.S. Foundation- Online support through chat rooms and forums, local support groups, online newsletter. www.misschildren.org
  • Bereaved Parents of the USA- Information for parents who have lost a child, online newsletter and links to resources. www.bereavedparentsusa.org
  • Alive Alone- Support for parents whose only child or all children have died. Newsletter, links, resources and message board. www.alivealone.org


  • Kidsaid- Grief support specifically for children and adolescents. Peer and professional support. www.kidsaid.com


  • Adult Sibling Grief- Support for adults who have lost a sibling. Message boards, chat rooms, memorials and links to resources. www.adultsiblinggrief.com
  • The Sibling Connection- Education and support for sibling loss at any age. Online newsletter. www.counselingstlouis.net


  • American Association of Suicidology- Resources and education about suicide. Support group directory. www.suicidology.org
  • The Gift of Keith- Website started by parents whose son died by suicide. Resources and articles by other survivors of suicide. www.thegiftofkeith.org


  • National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children- Message boards, support services, legal tips and advice from experts regarding investigations, media coverage, etc. www.pomc.com


  • National Donor Memorial- a memorial specifically for tissue and organ donor families to memorialize their loved ones. You can use photos and stories in your tribute. www.donormemorial.org